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Aga Cleaning

Put the sparkle back into your Aga with a fast, efficient and trusted service from Essex’s leading independent oven cleaners.

Aga cleaning by our professional team takes less than two hours, and you can use your cooker as soon as we are done because we use non-caustic, odour-free cleaning products. We aim for 100% satisfaction, so we always get your seal of approval once the job is done!

  • Use your oven again straight away
  • Bio-degradable, non-caustic cleaning products
  • No nasty chemical smells are left lingering
  • Your Aga will look sparkling and as good as new

Aga oven cleaning is our area of expertise, and our team knows exactly how to remove built-up grease and burned-on food from Aga cookers. This is how we do it:

  • No need to turn Aga cooker off, just turn down the night before
  • We lay protective sheeting as soon as we arrive
  • First the inside of the oven is swept out and the 3” strip of steel is cleaned
  • Then the inside of doors, top lids and the top is sprayed with our special non-caustic degreasing agent and cleaned
  • The Aga front is then cleaned with degreasing agent and cream
  • We give the Aga a full polish
  • Your Aga can be turned up to the right temperature straight after cleaning!

Aga oven cleaning from Essex Ovencleaners is guaranteed, insured and Trading Standards approved, plus each member of the team is DBS checked. To find out more about how we get our customers’ Agas in Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire looking as good as new give us a call or join us on Facebook.

Essex Ovencleaners is the largest independent oven cleaning company in Essex tried, tested, and totally trusted by over 8,000 customers in the region.

  • Trading Standards Approved
  • All Staff are DBS Checked
  • Safe & Friendly cleaning process
  • Use your appliance straight away

We clean all kinds of appliances:

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