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Fridge Freezer Cleaning

Rid your fridge freezer of old food and potentially harmful bacteria with a professional clean from Essex Ovencleaners.

  •  No nasty chemical smells
  • Safe to use your fridge and freezer straight away

Using the same fantastic non-caustic and odour-free cleaning solution we use on ovens, plus some anti-bacterial spray, we get fridges and freezers gleaming again!

Fridge Freezer Cleaning Process

  • Empty and defrost your freezer, unless it is frost-free in which case just empty it
  • We remove the fridge contents as we clean
  • Your appliance is washed with our specialist cleaning solution
  • Then we use an anti-bacterial spray
  • The clean is completed with a polish – all stainless steel and aluminium products are polished using an oil-based stainless steel cleaner
  • Finally, we ask you to check our work for guaranteed satisfaction

Fridge freezer cleaning takes under an hour, and can be carried out as a stand-alone service or cost-effectively while we are on-site cleaning your other kitchen appliances!

Essex Ovencleaners is the largest independent oven cleaning company in Essex tried, tested, and totally trusted by over 8,000 customers in the region.

  • Trading Standards Approved
  • All Staff are DBS Checked
  • Safe & Friendly cleaning process
  • Use your appliance straight away

We clean all kinds of appliances:

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